About international delivery_ 6.05.2022

Dear Customers and Partners,

Thank you for your trust and for choosing Ukrposhta. We are doing our best to deserve your trust. Despite the record volumes and difficult conditions, we meet deadlines, and most postal items are delivered to recipients on time.

The volume of international postal items is record-breaking. In April alone, 746 tonnes of parcels were sent from Ukraine (compared to 4865 tonnes sent in 2021). Despite the airspace completely closed for aviation from Ukraine, we have received double volumes in a month. Almost 70% of all postal items have been accepted by our friends from Poczta Polska, who gave us their helping hand.

As a result of such volumes, our Polish colleagues and we have some logistics difficulties. Your parcel may be in transit for a longer time than usual. It means that it has left Ukraine, but the destination country has not yet registered it. We are in touch with our colleagues abroad to avoid long delays.

Currently, we have resolved all our sorting and logistics problems and have reached a stable mode of operation. We are working with partners in Poland and other countries to speed up the processing and delivery of your mail.

We have taken several specific steps to make delivery times much shorter in the future, including:

1) We have launched direct trucks to Germany for Deutsche Post, to Bucharest airport for Turkish Airlines, and are adding a route to Austria.

2) To relieve the burden on our colleagues in Poland and Slovakia, who have been helping us with mail processing since the first days, we have divided postal flows among six countries, adding Latvia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova.

3) If you have changed your place of residence or have already returned to Ukraine, you can request a return of your parcel at https://www.ukrposhta.ua/ua/rozshuk-mrpv. In the “Reason for request” field (“Причина подання заяви”) select “Request a return of the postal item” (“Заявка на повернення відправлення”).

We thank you again for your trust and apologize for the delays!