Regarding the current processing of export mail (regularly updated)

Dear Colleagues and Friends! 

Now we are all worried, but we must continue our work so that the enemy’s plan does not come true.  Ukrposhta continues to provide updated statuses on its processing of export mail as of 10:00, 26 February 2022:

1) As reported yesterday, Ukrposhta resumed the work of post offices in most regions, depending on the security situation in specific settlements.

2) The main focus of the post offices is the issuance of pensions, money aid, but parcels can also be accepted, depending on the security situation on sites.

3) Most of Ukrposhta’s staff have joined the ranks of territorial defense groups in various regions.  The exchange of mail between post offices and sorting centers is limited.

4) On  24 February we announced our preliminary plan to organize the export of Ukraine.  We confirm that as soon as it is allowed to open the Post Customs Office in Kyiv, which is central for export processing (it is currently closed due to the shellings in Kyiv), Ukrposhta will immediately start combined export delivery to Poland via Lviv.

5) Our partner, Poczta Polska, gave Ukrposhta the opportunity to exchange imports and exports with other posts through its territory and to transfer exports to 5 international airlines: Lufthansa, LOT, AirBaltic, KLM, Turkish Airlines.  Ukrposhta has already used a similar option in the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions and it is fully operational.

6) Currently, the air space above Ukraine is completely closed to civil aviation, so Ukrposhta will not be able to send direct cargo planes to JFK New York Airport together with Windrose.  As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will immediately resume the flight program.

7) We hope that on Monday, 28 February, the situation in Kyiv stabilizes, and Ukrposhta will send the first consignments of exports to Poland. Up to 20 tons of mail remain at the sorting center and another 17 tons are at Boryspil Airport (as the airport was closed for evacuation. We expect to be able to return the mail and to redirect it as transit to destinations).

8) Given the aggression of Russia and Belarus, Ukrposhta has completely blocked the exchange of mail and money transfers with the aggressor countries.  All postal items received the day before will be returned to senders with compensation of the postage paid, as soon as it can be done taking into account the security situation in Kyiv.

9) Delivery times will be longer than before, but the most important thing is peace in Ukraine and the opportunity to continue working.

10) The International Operations Team of Ukrposhta is in constant contact with more than 100 key posts of the world and partners – international trading platforms.  All countries support Ukrposhta and are ready to provide all possible assistance in mail delivery.


Here is a brief summary of Ukrposhta’s sending export mail as of 24.02, 14:00 h:

1) At night, the airports were closed, and in Boryspil we have 17 tons of export mail ready for dispatch (this is the normal daily volume), and up to 20 tons is being processed at the sorting center.

2) Post offices have not worked today. But soon Ukrposhta will announce the mode of operation in the near future. We will continue to accept export mail.

3) At 13:00, Director General of Ukrposhta, Igor Smelyansky, held an online meeting with representatives of 100+ postal operators of the world, members of the Universal Postal Union.

4) At the moment, we are working with our reliable partners – the postal operators of Poland, Latvia and Slovakia – on the option of transit of Ukrainian mail via their Offices of Exchange (postal customs offices) that are close to our borders. Through these offices, mail will be exchanged with other countries, both imports and exports.

5) Our postal partners in the “closed transit” will submit our mail on behalf of Ukrposhta to international airlines at various European airports. We already practiced this option at the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions, when the air space was closed due to the pandemic, and it works.

6) Delivery times will be longer than before, but the main thing is peace in the country and the opportunity to continue working.

7) All countries have supported Ukrposhta and are ready to provide all possible assistance in mail delivery.

We will be open and will keep you informed.

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Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine!