Force majeure in Canada due to wildfires

The designated operator of Canada, Canada Post, informs that the Force Majeure has been applied on 15/09/2023 until 28/09/2023 because of the unprecedented wildfires in several provinces and territories across Canada. The effects are widespread: wildfires raging across the Northwest Territories and British Columbia, where several towns have been damaged, are forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes. 

Delivery office ID’s impacted by the FM: V0E, V0H, V0K, V0N, V0X, V1P, V1S, V1V, V1W, V1X, V1Y, V1Z, V2B, V2C, V2E, V2H, V4T, V4V, X0B, X0E, X1A.

Canada Post thanks all partners and customers for their understanding and will inform when the situation is back to normal.