Information from Payoneer to customers

Our hearts and thoughts are with our customers and partners in Ukraine. Our global and local teams are doing everything possible to continue delivering the same quality of service to you, whether you remain in Ukraine or have moved abroad. We will update this page with the latest changes as the situation develops.

Business continuity
We are committed to doing everything possible to continue supporting your business. Currently, most Payoneer customers can continue to use all Payoneer services as usual:

  • Receiving payments – You can continue receiving payments from marketplaces and clients as normal. The funds will land in your Payoneer currency balance where they are safe and secure.
  • Bank withdrawals – You can continue withdrawing funds from Payoneer to your bank account. Once you have withdrawn them, access to your funds will depend on the level of service offered by your bank.
  • Supplier payments – You can continue to make payments from your Payoneer account to other Payoneer customers as well as directly to their bank accounts.
  • Card payments – You can continue to use your Payoneer card as usual. There may be some limitations set by local banks on how much you can withdraw from the ATM. Due to logistics challenges, we are unable to deliver a new card into Ukraine currently. We recommend requesting a virtual card instead.

Card delivery is available outside Ukraine
If you have left the country, we are here for you. We have been working to find a solution so that we can send you your card to another address on providing proof of residence documentation. Similarly, we are working to support delivery to refugees, and will share an update on required documentation once we know more.

Your funds are safe with Payoneer
Customer accounts and their balances are held safely by regulated Payoneer entities around the world.

Our customer teams are available
We have supplemented our local team with more team members in other locations to continue providing you with the care and attention you expect from us. To contact us, please visit the Support Center or call us on +38-089-320-24-26.

Payoneer is fully compliant
Payoneer is licensed and regulated by multiple government regulators and is fully compliant with sanctions regulation.

  • We are complying with the new sanctions prohibiting transactions with certain financial institutions and other entities, and are no longer sending payments to them.
  • We will cease services to the impacted Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as defined by the sanctions, by the OFAC deadline of March 23rd, 2022.
  • If new sanctions are imposed, Payoneer is ready to assess immediately the impact of those sanctions. Our ability to make payments will depend upon the scope of international sanctions, as well as upon their interpretation by our providers. We will do everything we can to continue serving all of our customers.

Our thoughts are with our customers and partners in Ukraine, and everyone affected, as we wish for a quick and peaceful resolution.

Reprinted from the official Payoneer resource: