News for sellers on Joom

News for sellers on the Joom marketplace.

The day before, communication took place between the Joom team and Ukrposhta – the Department of International Operations on the situation in Ukraine. Joom already supports Ukrainian entrepreneurs-sellers.

Joom said: “On February 24, we made payments to all Ukrainian merchants without waiting for the end of the billing period. We helped merchants who were unable to close stores themselves. No fines and no pessimization have been applied to Ukrainian stores and will not be applied. The manager, who is in charge of Ukrainian merchants, communicates with them every day and deals with all pending orders, solving cases in favor of the merchants.

Other measures to protect Ukrainian sellers will be proposed, promising to announce them in the near future.

Currently, Ukrposhta is also in dialogue with Wish marketplace coordinators regarding specific steps to support our sellers.

Detailed status on export execution here

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!