News from Israel Postal Company

The designated operator of Israel, Israel Postal Company, would like to inform that, in 2018, the Israeli customs authority introduced a new IT system to manage imports.

The new system connects all relevant authorized authorities to a single database within a paperless work environment, thus improving and accelerating the existing customs procedures and striking a balance regarding trade facilitation and law enforcement. This global gateway system is based on the concept of a single service point, intended to serve all parties involved in Israel’s foreign trade process, including the customs administration, government ministries, Israel Postal Company, importers and exporters, and customs brokers.

The Israeli customs authority is now moving into the next phase of implementation of this IT system, which entails incorporating all exports into the new system.

Implementation is scheduled to commence on 15 January 2023. As a result, the customs systems will not be operational on the following days:

Export: from 22.00 on 10 January to 6.00 on 15 January;

Import: from 6.00 on 12 January to 6.00 on 15 January.

Consequently, delays should be expected in the handling of incoming parcels during that period.

Israel Postal Company thanks for understanding.