Regarding delivery delays in Italy

Poste Italiane, wishes to provide other Union member countries and their designated operators with the following update:

On 17 December 2021, Poste Italiane reached an agreement with Customs in order to manually resend customs data for each of the items being blocked because of the various error messages received by their system. This workaround means that, for each blocked item, employees of Poste Italiane will need to manually resend the customs declaration to the customs system.

Additional shifts will be put in place to deal with this emergency solution, both by Customs and Poste Italiane.

As a second step, Customs identified the critical part of the process triggering the blocking errors received by Poste Italiane and proposed a bypass solution, whereby Customs provides Poste Italiane with customs assessments based on lists of items sent offline. Developments on Poste Italiane’s operating systems are required to accommodate this temporary arrangement in order to clear the backlogs in the mail units.

At present, a processing delay of long time (up to 2 month) is expected, from the time items are handed over to Poste Italiane. Inbound mail is securely stored in the mail units and will be transferred to the offices of exchange as soon as they are in a position to process it, after the present backlogs have been cleared.

Poste Italiane’s internal databases continue to be misaligned, impacting the ability of its customer service to treat inquiries in a timely manner.

Poste Italiane apologizes again for these ongoing issues and will inform all partners by EmIS as quickly as possible on further developments.

Update as of January 18, 2022:

More details on the website of the Italian Post