Regarding the situation with international postal items destined to the United States in late October

Dear customers, Ukrposhta has already informed that the staff of Emirates Post, which performed the transit of Ukrainian dispatches destined to the JFK airport (New York), made an operational error and mistakenly sent part of the dispatches (containers) with items destined for the US Postal Service posted from Ukraine in late October – early November 2021. Emirates Post mistakenly sent part of these dispatches to a wrong transit hub. Specialists of Emirates Post assure that they are doing their best to correct this operational error as soon as possible. However, due to the critical load of the airlines, this work may take some time.

According to the international law and the Convention of the Universal Postal Union, given the force majeure circumstances due to COVID-19 restrictions and given the involvement of civil aviation in  the transportation, there is no compensation for delays in delivery for national posts.

However, as this unpleasant situation has resulted from the partner’s operational error, Ukrposhta will offer sorry-bonus for some categories of items.

We emphasize that all these items are intact and safe, i.e. do not have the lost status, and will be delivered later, as there is a significant delay due to the partner’s operational error.

Ukrposhta is asking its customers to file a complaint through the Ukrposhta website and to wait for a response.

Thank you for your understanding!